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Don’t forget the Oreos

The kid was a quarter of the way up Fuji and she wasn’t going to take a single step in either direction. She was just going to live right where she was. Perhaps she’d wait for the next winter, when it snows, and then ski back down the mountain. Whatever her plan was, it was clear she wasn’t walking. And I don’t blame her. I’ve been there before.

Climb Fuji

Into the Mist

Hiking up the mountain is filled with moments that transport you to another world.  

The Sea of Clouds

When all you can see is clouds, words tend to evaporate.

Hidden Views

The most amazing things in life are those which never last more than a moment.

long form story

Wandering Japan

I arrived in Japan late at night, on a weekend, and quickly realized I was out of my mind. I must have made this plan when I was half asleep, studying for finals the previous semester, because once I arrived at Narita, I realized I couldn’t read any signs, speak to anyone, nor did I have any clue on how to get to my AirBnB, which was on the other side of Japan.

take a trip to Japan
character essay

What he brought to the dinner table

Food brings people together, and eating can become an adventure. Especially when the dish being shared is a six inch long fried centipede, shish-kababed and served with a beer.

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