Data Apps (Python)

API Data Hookups

I build Python 3 applications to continually import and visualize data from APIs. This may include keyless APIs as well as APIs with no authentication protocols.

Monitoring Federal Lawsuits With RSS

I’ve built automated monitoring systems to make journalism easier. For example, I created an automated email service for my colleagues to receive emails any time new court documents are submitted in federal court. All users have to do is enter their email and the case number they want to follow…the app does the rest!

HTML & PDF Data Extraction

Sometimes the data you need is buried within the inner pages of a publicly available site. For example, the to analyze more than 2,000 requests for funds by New Mexico legislators, I created an app to collect and clean data from dozens of PDFs. Sure, the work could have been done manually…but sometimes you lose the scoop if you take too long.

Selenium Automated Processes

It’s one thing to collect data from a static webpage…but sometimes you have to click through multiple pages or enter dates on a digital calendar to see all the data you want. That’s where Selenium comes in. It allows Python to interact with websites like a human would…and also lets me build programs that can navigate through multiple webpages to find the data I’m searching for.