Where I’ve Been

Intern at Science News

As a general assignment intern, I cover all sorts of science news and new discoveries!

Intern at News-O-Matic

At News-O-Matic, I pitch, report, and write daily news for kids!

Environmental Editor at Scienceline.org

As an Environmental Editor, I report and edit stories about the earth and environmental issues.

Multimedia Editor at Scienceline.org

As multimedia editor, I help process audio, video, and illustrated content from Scienceline contributors. I focus on helping others understand how to produce projects in Adobe Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, and Audition as well as how to display that content on WordPress.  

Contributor at Scienceline.org

I contribute science-focused news stories, features, and reviews to the online publication affiliated with NYU’s SHERP Program.

NYU Science, Health & Environmental Reporting

Began as a student at NYU’s science-focused journalism graduate program.

Trinity University

Graduated with B.A. in Earth’s Environmental Systems (fancy geology), and minors in Economics and Chinese Language.

Geology Research

Studied how cracks propagate through rock with fieldwork in southern Utah. Ultimately created a thesis with colored pictures of computerized rock.

Fell in love with Mt. Fuji

Although the hike was incredible, the best part was the month-long stay in the cheapest Airbnb I could find. The worst part was that the Airbnb was an ancient house in the mountains, and centipedes fell on me as I slept.

Study in China

First in Harbin, China and then in Shanghai, I studied business, economics, and Chinese language. More importantly, I learned that Chinese cricket fighting is the only non-lethal blood sport.

Econometrics Research

Learned how to code in R. With a trial-by-fire type learning experience, I wrote endless lines of code to process data from over 30 million home loans. The goal was to see if things like reduced interest rates actually helped people pay off the loans. They did.

Cavern Tour Guide

Led cave tours at Natural Bridge Caverns, a beautiful, commercially operated cave in Texas. Beyond telling oral histories of the cave and stories of geological formation, I also learned how to wrangle groups of both small children and adults. The adults were worse.

Birth & Growing Up

I grew up in New Mexico, where I spent my time hiking, skateboarding, and mountain biking. Try the green chile, visit the aliens in Roswell, and disapprove of the statute of Spanish Conquistadors because you know how poorly they treated natives.